• The Full-Time Alim course combines six subjects taught at a level suitable for beginners.

    This bundled course provides 120 credits.


    1) Arabic Grammar (Nahw)

    2) Arabic […]

  • This course provides 30 credits.
    The creed of a person separates him from being a believer or disbeliever. It is the difference between the guided and misguided; hence it goes without saying that the study of […]

  • This course provides 30 credits
    Usul al-Hadith is also known as Mustalah al-Hadith. Hadith are the narrations about the Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Some hadith are observations of the Prophet’s (SAW) actions or […]

  • This course provides 30 credits
    Maturidi Institute teach Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) like no other organisation!

    The methodology of studying Imaam Shurunbulali’s classical text, called Nur—ul—Idah, will invol […]

  • This course provides at total of 20 credits
    This is the Arabic Morphology unit for year 1 Arabic students.

    This course is suitable for students who are absolute beginners in the Arabic Language.

    Sarf […]

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