Maturidi Aqeedah Year 1


    This course provides 30 credits.

    The creed of a person separates him from being a believer or disbeliever. It is the difference between the guided and misguided; hence it goes without saying that the study of Aqeedah is a compulsory act.

    This course is based on the Aqeedah (Theology) of Ahle al-Sunnah via the school of thought founded by Imaam Abu Mansur al-Maturidi (RA).

    The course covers two amazing texts of the Maturidi School:

    • Wasiyyah of Imam Abu Hanifa and
    • Bad’-il-Amaali of Imaam Siraaj al-Din al-Ushi.

    We teach all the key aspects of Aqeedah with in-depth study of the principles and logical paradigms. Students will be able to receive Ijazah (Certification) through, a fully connected chain, from Shaykh Sulaiman via Imaam Maturidi (RA) leading back to Imam Abu Hanifa (RA).

    For a holistic picture of the curriculum/syllabus please visit our dedicated page here.

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    Maturidi Aqeedah Year 1 1 year

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