Hanafi Usul Al-Hadith Year 1


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    Usul al-Hadith is also known as Mustalah al-Hadith. Hadith are the narrations about the Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW). Some hadith are observations of the Prophet’s (SAW) actions or deeds and yet others are his paraphrased words. The basic components of a hadith are the text (matn) and the chain of narrators (sanad).

    In Mustalah al-Hadith students are taught the terminology and related principals by which hadith and the narrators of them are graded for their strength and acceptability. The Mustalah al-Hadith commonly taught today are from Shafi’i scholars (such as Bayqunniyah) according to their school.

    Maturidi Institute is unique in that we teach Hanafi Mustalah (Hanafi Principles of Testing Hadith). This means that our students also learn how to scrutinise the matn of a hadith, as opposed to the Shafi’i practice of investigating the sanad only.

    For a holistic picture of the curriculum/syllabus please visit our dedicated page here.

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    Hanafi Usul Al-Hadith Year 1 1 year

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