Arabic Morphology Year 1 (Sarf)


    This course provides at total of 20 credits

    This is the Arabic Morphology unit for year 1 Arabic students.

    This course is suitable for students who are absolute beginners in the Arabic Language.

    Sarf (صرف) is the subject of Arabic Morphology or Derivation. It describes the knowledge of finding different variations of any word (the act of deriving) based on word-forms or patterns. Finding the root form of a word is a necessary skill as this is the manner by which Arabic lexicons are compiled. The course is taught using notes and
    teaching materials written by the teacher to simplify the process of learning.

    Alongside Sarf (10 credits) students must study a unit of Arabic Vocabulary (10 credits) to build a strong command of the Arabic language.

    For a holistic picture of the curriculum/syllabus please visit our dedicated page here.

    Course Curriculum

    Arabic Morphology Year 1 (Sarf) 1 year
    Arabic Vocabulary Year 1 1 year

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