Arabic Grammar Year 1 (Nahw)


    This course provides a total of 20 credits.

    This is the Arabic Grammar course designed for Year 1 Arabic students. In the Arabic language Nahw is the name given to Arabic Grammar.

    This course is suitable for students who are absolute beginners in the Arabic Language.

    The course text is Durus Nahwiyah (الدروس النحوية); this text has been designed to teach the basic and necessary rules required to understand advanced Arabic. Nahw pertains to the study of knowing the rules and conditions that determine a word’s ending and also how and/or when the endings of words change. This is an essential module as no student of Arabic can do without knowledge of Nahw.

    Alongside Nahw (10 credits) students are able to study a unit of Arabic Vocabulary (10 credits) to build a strong command of the Arabic language.

    For a holistic picture of the curriculum/syllabus please visit our dedicated page here.

    Course Curriculum

    Arabic Vocabulary Year 1 1 year
    Arabic Grammar Year 1 (Nahw) 1 year

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