Alim Programme Structure

Please Note: Arabic Vocabulary is only available to students completing Nahw or Sarf

Course Credits and Progression

Our Alim/scholar programme is designed to give as much flexibility, as possible, to the student. The rate of progression through the course will depend on your aptitude and ability to learn. You must complete a total of 360 credits to be awarded the qualification of scholar in Islam. As shown above the bundle of “Year 1” courses totals to 120 credits.

Progression to Year 2

We recommend you complete each year in the order given in the course credits diagram. However if you desire to take your own route through the programme then that is your prerogative. To be able to access the discounted bundle of courses comprising “Year 2” we require 120 course credits as well as prerequisite courses to be completed (by selecting a course you can see its prerequisites). Go to the courses page >

Progression to Year 3

As described above to be able to complete the bundle of courses for Year 3 we will require 120 course credits and all prerequisite courses must be completed to a satisfactory standard.


We wish to revitalise the knowledge of the Maturidi School of Islamic Theology and promote understanding of the Hanafi School of Islamic Jurisprudence.

To present the truth and light of Islam through the authentic and earliest Schools of Thought, in Theology and Jurisprudence.  

To revive humanistic and moral Islamic thought by developing intellectual and spiritual enlightenment  

We provide affordable long distance learning that lets the student learn from the comfort of their own home using our website’s Learning Management System. The student is taught Theology, Jurisprudence and intellectual thought is developed as students are encouraged to discuss through private forums and they are assigned tasks to develop depth in their learning.

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